God desires to and can be enjoyed!

Our view of God typically dictates whether or not we will ever enjoy Him or not. So, if we believe God is angry, bipolar, ready to bring down the hammer on us, we probably won’t ever get close enough to enjoy Him. If we feel we have to perform, be good, sinless, perfect in order to be loved, accepted, and blessed by God, we also will probably never enjoy Him. We need some of the false narratives we believe about God rewritten and the truth of who God really is revealed so we can truly enjoy God.

Graham Faul

Evening Session Speaker

Graham Faul is originally from Harvey, ND and attended Asbury camp during his teenage years. Graham received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Business from Tabor College. From 2012-2015 he served as the associate/youth pastor at New Life on Main church in Harvey, ND. In 2015, he helped start a church plant in Denver, CO. Graham, his wife Maggie and two children, Naomi and Simon, currently live in CO.

Graham is passionate about developing intimacy with Jesus, and living out our identity as sons and daughters of the King.

He has had wonderful experiences at Asbury camp and is honored and excited to be welcomed back to speak.

Myron Greuniech

Morning Session Speaker

Myron Grueneich is a small business owner of Green Oak Handyman Services. He and his wife Kathy have four grown married children and three grandchildren. Myron has been involved with youth work through teaching, coaching, pastoring, church youth work, and youth camp. He has specialized in leadership development targeting the millennial generation. Myron surrendered his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ when he was 17 while attending Asbury camp.

“Since God gracefully saved me in the back of the tabernacle of Asbury Camp, I have had a never ending burden and passion for sharing Christ with others. I desire to give young people the same opportunity and life changing experience that God provided me. Jesus changed my life”, Myron says.

He has since served on camp staff as counselor and camp director and speaker. Myron currently serves as president of the Asbury Camp Board.